running lake

Running lakes
AQ-349 Lake Plaisir
180.000,00 €
RARE! lake and 55m² chalet and running activité for over 8 years
2023 agenda fully booked

AQ-350 lake Hurtebise
437.000,00 €
Profitable Running business - good stocking!
Northern France
AQ-351 Domain la Couronne
1.260.000,00 €
A Stunning Carp fishing resort!
AQ-352 Lake Miroir
472.800,00 €
AQ-342 lakes LE NOBLE
360.000,00 €
Well established carp fishing venue for sale

AQ-343 Fish Farming Domain of CEZELLI
750.000,00 €
Unique well known Fishing Domain
with splendid House