Our detailed and thorough attention to your personal requirements ensures that we gain a clear understanding of your expectations and ultimate satisfaction. We act as your personal agent, searching for that ideal lake or property.
We offer a range of in-house services ranging from accountancy, taxation, residency, legal advise, fish stocking, management services to name but a few. Property search and full consultancy and intermediary services.
- Bookeeping and administrative

     * Accountancy services
     * Completing and filling tax declarations
     * Advising tax liabilities, Social Security, French residency
- Investment management services

    * Banking and insurance requirements, Legal advice
    * Advising on property ownership (private or company ownership)
    * Advising on incorporating your own company, licensing and goodwill
    * Court approved translations services
- Building permission services

    * Advising on requirements in the case of buildings architecturally classified
    * Preparation of building contract documentation and project management
    * Undertaking applications for Permis de Construire and/or Certificat d’Urbanism (Building Permit and Outline Planning Consent)

-  Services for lakes

        * Fish stocking and feed services
        * Water analysis and treament
        * Lake cleaning repair and maintenance
        * Solar and alternative electrical supply technical services
        * Evaluation prices of lakes
Lake services
Carp stocking
Removing weed...
Digging, Dikes, Cleaning lakes