AQ-349 Lake Plaisir

(Code: AQ-349)
RARE! lake and 55m² chalet and running activité for over 8 years
2023 agenda fully booked

Type: lake + Chalet + running business
Region: Picardie
Département: Aisne (02)


An operating business

A lovely, quality, peaceful pond near Soissons in Picardie.

The pond surface area is 8000 m², for a total surface area of around 1.2 ha.

Depthof around 1.2 m on one end, and up to 3 m in some areas.

A tree-lined fenced-in property: fencing of approximately 1.2 m withbarbed wire on several sides.

A complete security alarm system!

This pond has been used for 10 years since the owners arrived in France asa carp fishing centre.

A landscaped, functional pond.

Approximately 200 kg of carp, including mirror and European carp, weighing 18 to 20kilos as well as a few sturgeons.

Fourfully equipped poles available.

Quality facilities:

A 55m²house with a large living room, open kitchen, bedroom, toilets andshowers.

Please note: this house cannot be used as a primary residence!

Two vans are available.

A well to supply water: with a new pump as well as several filters forquality drinking water.

This property is connected to the electricity grid, which is rather rarefor any property in a natural area.

An autonomous sewage septic tank.

An oldhunting hut is currently being used for storage. This hut is not registered with the land registry.

This property may be used as a family getaway at weekends or holidays…

A recreation business is possible.

Ideal for carp sport fishing.

Soissons and all types of services and businesses: 10 min. by car

Price:€180,000 (not including notary fees)

Please refrain from contacting if not truly interested

Serious financial references required – The price is non-negotiable